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Business’s consultant service:
When you choose as partner, you will receive a lot of advantages. We have experienced teams to help investors designing their football field on the website This will help those customers in need of renting artificial turf field to reach the investors, which will boost the business’s activity of the investors.
We also offer consultancy for the investors concerning advertising artificial turf field. Investors can decide to advertise through forum, various website, distributing leaflets, banner, and signboards… depending on their budget. also offers guide and consultancy to the investor concerning services’ business. Many investors are confident that investing in artificial turf field is greatly profitable because many customers will rent the field. In reality, they don’t know the profits coming from additional services are great as well. These investments require low cost but provide large profit.
Following our statistics, if the additional services are well exploited, they will make up to 3010-30% of total profit. Not only they provide additional profits, they also offer much choices and convenience to the customers. This is also how the field owner should treat customers better, further satisfy their needs. These services include canteen, beverages, resting, entertainment, shower, renting uniform and equipment…  We advise to follow these:
First, divide works equally for each unit:
Food-beverage service unit, renting shoe, uniform and equipment unit always must have sales person available with price signboard. There must be a note about daily, monthly revenue and managing warehouse.
Parking unit must be arranged to suit the activity of the field. There must be strict management.
Second, provide training for profession and attitude of each unit’s employee. Employee attitude will greatly affect the evaluation of the customers. Even if the field’s quality is good, but the employee’s attitude is not as good, which cause the customers to be annoyed, they will poorly evaluate the field and eventually won’t come back. On the contrary, if employee manages to satisfy the customers, there will be more and more coming.
Investors should actively inspect and survey the customers to receive the feedback concerning their employee, so they can plan to adjust. đơn vị cung cấp cỏ nhân tạo số 1 Việt Nam – Hotline: 0912.399.904