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Garden projects are suppliers of artificial grass FIFA standards in Vietnam, as well as the construction of artificialgrass on the market the most prestigious present.

About the company DVN

Our team of engineers, experienced professional, creative and enthusiastic is our advantage. Besides, machinery system, modern construction equipment is imported from Germany, the Netherlands, China will ensure the progress and quality of work for investors .



Project construction of artificial turf football field

In addition, the national scale, with 3 offices located at 3 North Central South, we have provided hundreds of construction and installation of artificial grass with high quality, many investors are highly good price, especially warranty and maintenance after project completion.

With the goal of becoming the provider of artificial turf exclusive FIFA standards and reach the international market supplyand construction of artificial grass, are trying their best, take advantage of the How to take up hislead.

Investors are interested in artificial lawn business, please contact Come to our customers will beconsulted and caring with the best options for investors to choose in accordance with the requirements for investment,financial ability, the ability to withdraw funds, profitable business

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Please contact Consulting units, construction of artificial lawn best Vietnam.