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Eighties overseas gradual acceptance of artificial turf, a twentieth century before entering the Chinese market, and has quickly been accepted by the public and growing rapidly.

2, the artificial turf of the relevant information – the advantages of artificial turf for sports fields

Every day nature: artificial grass, not subject to weather, geography impact, high in cold temperatures, altitude and other harsh climates, and long lifespan.
Simulation: the use of bionics and artificial turf, is a good simulation, movement to movement in a more secure and comfortable. Legs feeling, a feeling so ball speed recovery, similar to natural grass, more professional.
Installation and maintenance: the laying of artificial turf on the ground with low requirements, in cement, asphalt and building on a short cycle. Especially suitable for training a long time, the use of high-density, major construction sites. Easy maintenance artificial grass, water repellent performance, but also particularly wear resistant.
Multi-functional: artificial grass and varied colors, colorfast durable, with the surrounding environment and support the building of sports venues, entertainment garden, roof gardens and other places of choice.
Excellent physical and chemical properties: the artificial lawn through hundreds even thousands of trials, weight loss thread 2% -3%. In addition, stress, waterproof, high flexibility, about 20 minutes after heavy rain can clean escape.
Produced using a number of modern science and technology to the tensile strength, hardness, flexibility, abrasion resistance, anti-aging, color fastness all reached a very high level.
Security is good: the use of medical theory and movement, etc., to travel across the lawn movement, ligaments, muscles, joints, etc. are protected, the fall time of the collision and significantly reduced friction.
Average life of 10 years.
In the production of a series of court when crossed with white trees form.
The environmentally friendly product, it does not contain any harmful substances, and noise absorbing function.

3, the use of artificial turf:

Soccer fields, tennis courts, basketball courts, golf, hockey schools, building roofs, swimming pools, gardens, nurseries, hotels, track and field for another occasion.
4, the characteristics of artificial turf:

Having good flexibility and buffers full force;
A significant reduction in maintenance costs, especially with the city water requirements;
Environmental compliance, grass can be recycled;
Increasing the area of physical activity, reduce noise on the playground, and there is a shock, the role of decompression, to teach the use of open-type silver white quartz sand filling, to the student movement will not stain clothing and the environment, and all standard on the playground All direct line of weaving, not through regular and victims;
Less demanding on the ground, can be concrete, asphalt, sand can be a hard surface;
Economic and practical, able to secure more than a decade in the life and maintenance costs virtually no track;
5 complete artificial turf structure as follows:

6, the artificial football pitch in the application

Artificial turf has decades of world history. The artificial grass was not originally designed for football, but the game will cause a big impact and change. Development of artificial turf is designed to overcome some of the limitations of natural grass, so the International Federation () did not consider the game of football field artificial grass high.
Artificial school grounds are used for many different types, such as sports track, soccer fields, tennis courts, baseball field, hockey field, gate ball court, basketball court, the court feathers, golf, baseball fields and other fields, schools, entertainment venues and other fitness comprehensive.
However, when manufacturers began to develop special artificial grass for football, artificial grass for the use of a dramatic breakthrough, the latest generation of artificial methods of producing basic pitch is similar to a mixture of fibers and adhesion grass or sand or in the preparation of latex particles on substrates. After ten years of development, improve the quality of artificial grass, artificial turf in the best picture and performance is basically consistent with the field of natural grass football and all weather, frequent use, it requires careful maintenance than natural field football field advantage. Made of high quality lawn with anti-static, no scratches, comfortable, and good flexibility and toughness advantages.
From the 2005-2006 season, the European Football Federation decided to allow its game on artificial turf. Since the introduction of this decision, the European Champions League, UEFA Cup on the artificial pitch can also be done.Meanwhile, the International Football Federation (FIFA) has announced the 2006 World Cup qualifiers in artificial grass.However, the International Federation of Football Association (FIFA) requirements, the game on the artificial turf must be published two months earlier, and allows visitors trained in artificial turf at least twice.
International Football Federation (FIFA) and the European football down (UEFA) has been recognized as having high quality can be used in addition to making the World Cup finals out of the loop for different classes of games often (see Table 34), many football clubs decided to use the top quality of the football field artificial turf.

The advantages of natural grass is known, which is itself suitable for all levels of the game features have been widely used.But in bad weather conditions, will be limited, with the use of both gaming technology will also be affected. Climatic conditions in many parts of the world is very harsh, making the growth and maintenance of natural grass as a problem, it is difficult to have enough natural grass. Even if, site conditions are poor. In these areas, the advantage the artificial football pitch appears.
When the football building, always consider designed to meet the sun, rain and wind to meet the development needs of natural grass. But now more and more inclined to build the stadium roof structure, this type of course is more suited for artificial grass.
Similarly, the use of artificial turf, football Transport started operating in the most attractive, stop, turn, stop, address, in addition to such actions will not be affected by variables climate change.
In the field of high quality artificial grass, the athletes do not hesitate to make a series of actions, such as ball or slider, without fear of damaging the body. In the field of high quality artificial grass, athletes can also use the same shoes on a wild pitch, with good space to seed artificial turf shoes can play catch up with an effect better for the athletes are free to complete more difficult to move.
Capacity of the artificial turf fields hold, a combination of the characteristics of natural grass for the game, players race to make safer, more comfortable, the most important thing is the only low maintenance cost, flexible, and has been growing rapidly.

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