Turboy TB2

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Turboy TB2

Machines for cleaning and maintenance of artificial turf filled by sand or rubber granules.

Turfboy TB2 is driven by a gasoline engine 16HP air cooled. Due to the compact design, this machine is ideal for use ontennis courts scattered sandy or sand / rubber as the football field.

Rotary brush helps remove the top layer of fill material during operation and depth are adjustable via 2 axis. During thisprocess, a swinging sieve to filter out dust fill material. Vibrating Screen can be precisely adjusted in the range from 4 to10mm, dependent on the terms of the filling material. Turbine dust suction cup from synthetic filling material. Fill material hasbeen cleaned up to go back to the system. Every brush will pull flat fill material in a gentle way and put it back on artificialturf.

Brushes brush hanging back as goods can be raised, lowered from the driver’s position. Parts covered brush hangingaround 200mm on the left side of the machine, so help clean edges and corners as much as possible. Due to suspension ofbrush can be disassembled, TurBoy can TB2 through the door with a width of 1 meter

2 cylinder petrol engine 16HP

Every brush is dragged to the left husband

Control crank to separate dust from the filter

Screens can be adjusted from 4-10mm

These accessories should be used in conjunction with Turfboy TB2

The background check FT50: page 87

Leaf Blowers: page 86

Gloves: Page 89

Hearing protection devices: page 89

Safety Glass: Page 89

Dust mask: page 89

Skid Type of laser cut steel frame, plastic wrap
engines 2-cylinder gasoline engine, water-cooled / 12 kW (16 HP)
Transmission Parts Hydrostatic, speed up to 12km/gio
Container capacity c. 20 liters
Width activities 900 mm
Weight 380kg
Size W 900 x H 1,800 x 1,200 mm Width