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Fully-automatic filling machine for filling, spreading a sand and rubber surface accuracy on the modern artificial turf

Sandmatic B1505 meets the special requirements for surface ultra modern artificial grass and piles even when extremely high, small particles of sand or required to be distributed correctly and effective results using the brushes do not go / to brush. Suspension parts free brush with the brush helps separate flattened and spread out materials. At the same time, sand is spread out, so the piles are located in vertical. Division brush to brush followed carefully, the proper height adjustment and scattered material into a flat in the same process. The amount of sand and rubber particles are needed to accurately quantify and spread in proportion to the speed of the machine running. Volume slide valve allows the material to be spread evenly between 2.5 – 40kg/m2

Speed running from 15m/phut 1m/phut to make use of the machine becomes flexible. Machine width is 1.5 m. This helps create a theoretical performance of 1.5 to 22.5 m2/phut. Machines powered by Kubota 3 cylinder diesel engine with a capacity of 18.4 kW.


All these functions are carried out under the radio controls for compressor operation method becomes more convenient and help conduct the operation of the machine. Machines can also be controlled manually with the operator panel in the case of remote controls unwanted broken. Weight is supported by 8 tires filled with low-pressure gas. So, when the material is filled, the machine is suitable for the pressure allowed for artificial surfaces. Four twin wheels can rotate in 1200 for extremely easy operation. The grooves improve the loading caused by forklift operation is not dangerous.

Materials that are going through the exact tune skis Diesel Kubota 3 cylinder water cooled
Remote control within vi100m Division brush to smooth and evenly brush materialand leveling them while

4 large wheels to reduce pressure on the ground and easy to operate
These components should be used together with Sandmatic B1005

Testset: page 83

FloorTest FT50: 83 pages

Aluminum Shovel: page 83

Hard Rollers: page 85

Hearing protection devices: page 85

Measure: page 84

Rubber gloves: page 85

Safety Glass: Page 85

Dust mask: page 85

Skid Laser cut steel frame, plastic wrap
Transmission Parts Kubota 3 cylinder diesel lanh/13, 4 kW (18hp)
The controller Electricity – 12 V hydraulic D.C.
Hydraulic Parts Water tank 6 liters / min, 120 bar

Mobile hydraulic motors 50 l / min and 100 bar

tires Ø 8 x 420 x 160mm
The widely 1,500
Performance sprayed 2.5 – 40kg/m2
Weight without material 1,300 kg
Maximum fill volume /Capacity 1.5 tan/3m3
Size Length Width 1,250 x 2,650 x 1,350 mm high