How long does it take to install 1 artificial field

There are a lot of factors required to install a high quality artificial turf field. Turf’s quality, surface’s quality aside, sub-base provide an important role to the field’s structure. Procedure to install artificial turf field is followed:

–    Install sub-base: this is the basic step to ensure la quality and life span of the ground base. The step includes preparing the area to be leveled, locate the field and build draining system, additional building; create the base and slope ratio…

–    Install artificial turf: after having a good base, we can proceed to install artificial turf field. The most suitable condition for installing is on sunny day (which will improve the flexibility, make the glue quicker to dry). The turf is delivered to the site, spread horizontally or vertically. Ensure each roll stays close to each other for the sake of using glue later. After that, cut and make line boundary. Use brush machine to brush the turf fiber, and then spread the sand and rubber granule over the field’s surface.

Under normal condition, the 7-person turf field required 15-25 days to be finished. has experienced team with modern equipment. If you cooperate with us, you can totally stay assured of our quality and schedule.

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