Artificial turf field’s business

Artificial turf field’s business is a popular trend nowadays. It managed to attract a lot of investors. There are a lot of advantages like full day exploitability, low cost to care, long time usage… Artificial turf field is becoming popular project among investors.

2 years ago, total cost for artificial turf field was very high, around 1 billion VND for 1 field, but now the cost only about as half of that. If there is an available surface to install, the cost for 1 field will be about 350-400 million VND.

Time to recover capital is a major problem for the investor before deciding to invest. That’s why it requires a certain calculation before processing to invest artificial turf field. Since it’s new to the investors, there might be a lot of hardship and traps along the way.

A normal field with stable customer can be exploited about 8h/day with an average price of 200.000VND/match/1.5hours. With other internal services about 10-30%, the investor can make a profit about 30-40 million/month. So after 14 month, the investor can recover the capital (400-500million/field). Because the exploited time of each field is 4-5 years, this investment proves to be effective and safe for the investors.

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