Things you have to pay attention when building an artificial turf field

Artificial turf field is a new popular trend of business among investors due to its massive profit. But it is full of hazard and risk if you don’t research properly. will help you make a basic step:
*The elements required for football field’s business
The first requirement for business’s success is learning about the local’s information, so you can come up with a suitable plan. Consider and research to make a solid choice.
The field’s location must be considered before executing project. The spot must be attractive to the customer without any interference from geography or traffic. Make sure your field is not too far from center. It’s better if it’s near offices, companies, colleges and crowded area. You should also research about rivals to come up with a competitive plan.
Renting fee must be suitable with the local’s wallet, considering their income. Fee’s campaign always plays an important role during business, namely service’s business. Exploiting additional services shouldn’t be overlooked. Based on our customer’s statistic, if additional services can be exploited well, it can make about 10-30% of total profit. You can put high fee if your services are proved to good and satisfied.
Land’s usage time for football field’s business must be considered properly. This will make a great influence to the success of the project. The investors tend to choose the land with time usage of more than 2 years for sport’s business related project, but for artificial turf football field’s project, you should choose 5-10 years to recover capital and gain profit from project.
The field and installation’ quality will play an important role to decide the usage time for exploiting the field. The investors should pay attention to these. If you make wrong choice, you will not only shorten the usage time but also damage the quality of the field and the reputation of the investors, which will lead to unsuccessful business:
–    Choose FIFA standard’s artificial turf.
–    The turf must be soft, the fibers are steady, there must not mistake from production.
–    The quality of backing must be good by FIFA standard along with high tolerance…
After choosing suitable artificial turf, the next step is choosing supplier and installer. A trustworthy partner is the experienced unit, who had installed a lot of fields. After choosing supplier, make a business plan.
*Make business plan.
When you finished your plan for all the activities, you can easily execute the plan to achieve your desired result.
–    Investment costs’ plan: Estimate the outcome of business, how long it will take to recover capital. This will help you make a target, which will encourage you and management board to achieve the monthly expected result.
–    Make a plan for effective organizing and management:  Management is a deciding factor whether the project will be successful or not. If you can manage professionally, you can reduce a lot of cost on human resources along with financial cost. We recommend to us management software to achieve the best result.
–    Fully exploit activities and services: There are additional services like parking, food and beverages, renting equipment (shoe, ball…). The investors must make a plan to manage properly and maximize the profit.
–    Exploit advertising program: The investors should choose methods to approach the customers; this will boost the performance and income of the field.
*Inspect and evaluate business’s activity to come up with plan: After completing the field and operating it, the investors must inspect the activity of the field carefully to avoid loss. By investing, focus on maintenance, you can keep the quality of the field and also prolong its life span. The investors must also take great care of customers to gain their favors.
We are confident with our long timed experience of installing a lot of artificial turf fields over firmly believes we will make a great partner. Let us make your project closer to perfection by utilizing our professional teams and modern technology…
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