Artificial turf in general

What is artificial turf?
Artificial turf or artificial turf is a type of turf made from synthetic fibers. There are widely used for sport competition, for example artificial turf field. Because it’s durable doesn’t require much effort for caring, nowadays artificial turf is widely used for decorating the floor and gardens.
Why should we choose artificial turf instead of natural turf?
Artificial turf is currently number one choice for investors because of these properties:
–    Mimic natural turf: Artificial turf is made by utilizing biological technology. There are almost no difference between natural turf and artificial turf in term of balance, bounce and feels.
–    Compatible to any climate: The climate doesn’t affect the artificial turf field. That’s why the performance of the turf will increase a lot. That’s aside, artificial turf can be used under any weather’s condition, even hot and cold.
–    Ever green: Natural turf’s color will fade away and can’t be used. But artificial turf will always retain its color.
–    Flat and stable surface: It will always be, even if the turf is used for 24/7 under any weather’s condition.
–    Low cost for maintenance: artificial turf almost doesn’t require any cost for maintenance during its first year. Its life span is quite long, from 6 – 8 years. Comparing to the natural turf, the cost is only at 1/20.
–    Easy to install: artificial turf can be installed easily in various landscapes like asphalt, concrete or sand.
–    Eco-friendly: All of materials are by eco-friendly standard. Organic structure of material doesn’t cause harm to the environment and health. The gauge is 5/8 inch and the field is filled by turf and rubber granule, which help reduce accident during sport activity.
–    Precise standard: Artificial turf matches the standard for football field.
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