Which is the most effective way to manage an artificial turf field

Every investors desire the best result and highest profit from their investments. But not everybody can achieve this result. Investors should pay attention to other element during their management, which can directly affect their business’s result:
–    Keeping the quality of the field – the first element, and also the most influential one. When we talk about field’s quality, we might refer to surface’s quality, light’s quality. Investors should perceive the need of customers to come up with maintenance and development’s plan.
A high quality field is when:  the turf is not damage, there is no land subsidence, rubber granules and sand must mix well and cover the entire field’s surface, the field’s surface must be clean, the environment is spacious… To achieve this, investors must have a team in charge of daily cleaning and maintenance in case of arising problems. The field’s surface should be maintained at least once per year to keep the quality of the field.
There is also need to invest in light system to ensure that the field is always bright. Pay attention to maintain and replace the damaged in time.
–    The additional services are also very import, which require the investors to pay attention: The customer’s is always the first priority, so everything must be done to satisfy them. That’s why, before investment, investors should do a survey to decide how to provide best service to the customers. Always take the view of the customers and ask yourself: “How can I meet the expectation of customers?”
Many investors aren’t interested in additional services like renting balls, uniform and food services. In reality, these services’ profit can make 30% of total services. Therefore investors should pay attention to develop and manage these services.
But even when investors realize how these services can affect the total profit, they still have problems concerning management. Based on our statistic from various fields installed by us, if these services are exploited well, they can make 10-30% of total profit. These additional services not only make the profit, but they can also satisfy the need of customers, which is also the way you should treat your customers.
Management might be not easy, since the profit of these services is minor and might not be recorded accurately. Most of the investors tend to take them lightly. But if each day you lose 50.000 – 100.000 VND, then each month you lose 1.5-3 million VND, each year is 18-36 million. Don’t underestimate these incomes.
Besides, the management board and employee unit prove to be the biggest problem to the investors. This element also has the most influence over the performance of the field. The management board must be aware of the training schedule of each team. The management board should have events or preferential policies to familiar customers and have them interact with each other. This will build good relationship and also encourage the customers to visit the field. The management board must be aware of booking order of each day to avoid unexpected problems.
Thegioiconhantao.com.vn is aware of these problems, and we have come up with DVN-Soft software. This software will be the best companion for management. DVN-Soft possess following superior properties:
•    Detailed management of football schedule, efficiency by hour/day/month… This software uses table format so it will be easier to search, so you can quickly reply the customers about order.
•    Monitor income and cost by using visual chart.
•    Detailed management of incomes by time, field and customers…
•    Handle various payment: in cash, credits, debit.
•    Apply discounted events.
•    Manage other business like canteen, beverages, renting uniform and equipment
•    Friendly interface, simple to use. (Short term training even for inexperienced)
•    Save time for employee, make management to be more professional.
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