Are there any deal’s price

As a number 1 Vietnamese artificial turf supplier in term of sales, we have a wide range of model, from low price to high price with top notch quality, which are imported from Europe and US.
Coming to us is a wise choice as you will be provided the best products and services, along with competitive price. You may have a question as why can offer low price for our high quality products. has been cooperating with a lot of foreign suppliers, that’s why our supplies are plentiful. Besides, we usually import in big quantity, so we get a lot of discount in price and taxes….
That’s aside, we own a private storage, so this makes a big advantage for us. As the location is suited for transport, we can save a lot of cost.
By possessing private equipment without renting, we can save installation cost. Because of mentioned advantages,’s price is always the best offered in the market. Our policy is providing the best services to our customers; we always strive to deliver the best products with lowest cost to our customers.
To have a greater detail on each model, please contact us through hotline 0912.399.904 đơn vị cung cấp cỏ nhân tạo số 1 Việt Nam – Hotline: 0912.399.904