Equipment for installation

To provide the best quality for the football field, had imported latest equipment for German and China.
–    SandMatic B1505RC: for spreading sand and rubber granules, this machine was imported for German.

SandMatic B1505RC

SandMatic B1505 can provide any special needs for modern artificial turf’s surface, even if the amount of material is too high, sand particle is too small. They will be spread accurately and efficiently by using non-rotating brush. The brush unit is hanged freely with separate brushes to brush the materials equally. At the same time, the sand is spread, that’s why the materials will lie straight. The brush unit will brush over and over, follow closely, adjust the suitable height and spread the materials equally on the surface during the process. The needed amount of sand and rubber granules has to be identified accurately and spread proportionally to the velocity of the machine. The slide valve allows the amount of materials to be spread equally at 2.5-40kg/m2.
Start the engine from 1m/minute to 15m/minute will make the engine more flexible. The width of the machine is 1,5m. Theoretically, the performance of the machine is about 1.5 – 22.5m2/minute. The machine uses diesel engine Kubota 3 cylinder with the capacity of 18,4kW.
The mentioned functions are executed using compressed radio wave, so the controls are quite convenient. The machine can also be controlled manually in case the controller is unexpectedly broken. The weight of the machine is supported by 8 tires full of low pressure air. Even if packaged with full of materials, the machine still has a suitable pressure to the surface of the field. 4 pair of tires can rotate at 120’, which allows flexible activity. The raising track allows loading without danger.
–    Turfboy TB2: equipment for cleaning and maintenance artificial turf by infilling sand and rubber granules

 Các thiết bị thi công cỏ nhân tạo chuyên dụng
Turfboy TB2

Turfboy TB2 use an air-cooling gasoline engine 16HP. Due to small and neat design, the machine is especially good at sand-filled tennis court or sand/rubber-granules filled football field.
The rotating brush helps eliminating the upper layer of infilled materials during process. The depth can be adjusted through 2 shafts. During this process, a hanged sieve will do the filter work. Vibrating sieve can be adjusted accurately from 4-10mm, depending on the conditions of infilled materials. Turbine will help separate dust from materials. Infilled materials will return to the system after being cleaned. The brush will flatten the infilled materials and return it to the artificial turf.
The rotating brush can be lifted up or down by the pilot. The brush unit is 200mm high to the left of the machine, which will do the best cleaning possible. Because the brush unit is detachable, TurfBoy TB2 can get through 1m wide hall.
–    TurfSet is a complete tool set for the professional installation of artificial turf.

may chuyen dung.jpg

SeamFix: Pressure tool for the solified connection of the seams of artificial turf and glue coated seam tape.
GlueFix F300: Glue applicator for glue coating of seam tape for artificial turf. Stationary version.
LineCutter: For cutting of variable width of straight lines and circular lines in artificial turf.
CircleCutter: Tool for perfect circular cuttings in artificial turf.
TurfGrip (2x): Gripping tongs for a fast and easy pavering of artificial turf.
GrassCutter: Proper cutting alongside of existing track seams of artificial turf.
EdgeTriimer: For trimming of artifical turf strips.
FloorTest FT5: Measuring tool for synthetic sports surfaces and infilled artificial turf surfaces. Range 0 – 50 mm.
Using imported machine will shorten installation’s time. It takes 1-3 days to finish 5000m2 with 2-3cm sand and 1cm rubber granules. The imported machine can make the low quality surface to be flat and the best out of it. That’s why you can totally trust us for our quality and progress đơn vị cung cấp cỏ nhân tạo số 1 Việt Nam – Hotline: 0912.399.904